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Emergency fix for Windows 10-10-12 Security Update problem. 

If your NDF program does not open, and you see a Windows error message that starts

"The code or macros in this file do not match the digital signature..."

 we have an emergency work around

NOTE: Downloading this file may leave your computer vulnerable to attack by viruses and other malware.  If you have any other programs using Microsoft Access 2002-2003, your computer will be vulnerable.  This work around is meant to be temporary, and should be reversed when you have received your new CD.  We will post instructions for reversing this later.

To download the work around, click here and save the program to your desktop.  Double-click on the resulting icon.  You will see a warning, and you need to click "Yes."  Click "OK" in the next window.

After you have installed your new NDF program CD

You need to undo the above emergency fix, and restore your security settings to the default setting.  If your previous security settings were different than the default, you will need to reset them yourself.

To download the re-secure program, click here.

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